Monday, May 6, 2013

Finally finished posting 2012!

Visiting Santa's factory at Macy's after having breakfast with him
Visiting Santa's factory at Macy's after
having breakfast with him

OK, so it's already May... you can't rush into these things, right? Joe gives me a hard time because I spend way more time on editing and posting pictures than I really need to, as I spend time filtering out the not-so-good ones, editing/cleaning up the photos I like, adding captions and tags and then finally getting them posted on the site.  But I really do like doing it this way, even if it does take a lot of time.  We took *so* many pictures in Disney World (it was a great trip!) that it took me forever to get through them all, and now I'm behind - much to my mom's dismay, lol. So here you go, Mom - the rest of the pics from 2012. :)

In the Nov-Dec 2012 album, there are pictures as we decorated for Christmas, the first big snow storm of the season, photos from our Breakfast with Santa at Macy's with our friends from New Horizon, and a Cub Scout Go See It activity where our den got a behind-the-scenes tour of our local police station. There are also videos from OLP's annual Christmas concert where the OLP School students performed a number of songs for the congregation.

There are also photo albums from our weekend trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving and from our Christmas celebration at home.

Now, on to all those pics from 2013!

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