Sunday, June 27, 2010

When you wish upon a star...

When last I wrote, it was winter, still cold and snowy, and Cole had just celebrated his 15th birthday.  Now, it's already almost the end of June, and Cole is beginning to drive, having just acquired his permit this week (yikes!).  It's so cliche, but wow, time flies!
During that time span, the usual comings-and-goings have occurred, but there have been two things of note.  First is a big change for Zach and Alex - rather than having a nanny, they now attend the preschool/daycare at my office.  Some mornings are a little tough and they definitely miss seeing Debbie all the time, but they are really having a great time with their new friends and teachers at the "school at Mommy's work."  They do a lot of fun things there - they even had a petting zoo there this week and learned to make ice cream from Ben and Jerry's a couple weeks ago (I was a little jealous).  And best of all, I've even gotten to have lunch with them a couple times - it's really nice having them so close!
A family portrait with Minnie and Mickey
A family portrait with Minnie and Mickey

The other big event for us was a special trip with Grandma Pat and Papa Bob: Zach and Alex's first visit to Disney World. We had a great time - the boys are already talking about our next trip to see Mickey. :) They particularly enjoyed the character meals, where your favorite characters walk up to your table for pictures and autographs.  My favorite moments of the entire trip were when Alex got to meet his beloved Eeyore and Zach, his dear Pooh Bear - it's that magic, seen through the eyes of two little boys, that Disney is all about.  We of course took a ton of pictures to capture all the fun, and you can find them in the Disney World - May 2010 photo album.

Alex and Zach practice ball control by kicking around the cones while Daddy watches
Alex and Zach practice ball
control by kicking around the
cones while Daddy watches
In other news, the Preschool Sports season has started again for the 3- and 4-year-olds. The kids played soccer (or some chaotic version of it) for the first two weeks. They've got team pictures next week and then move on to teeball in July. Zach and Alex are the Green team again, although they'd be quick to tell you it's the Dark Green team, not the Lime Green like last year.  And best of all, they have "Coach Daddy" on their team, as Joe is one of the team coaches; Joe is loving the opportunity to be involved in their sports!  Pictures from the season so far are in the May - June 2010 photo album.

In addition to all the Disney pics, here are all the other photo albums from the past few months, since I have lapsed on posting them:

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Easter 2010 - egg hunt, Easter gifts, egg decorating
Target Field - April 2010 - Joe went to Game #3 at the new park with our friend Phil
Kwo Ue's birthday party - a great day with friends
May - June 2010 - playtime at Chuck E Cheese, Joe's birthday, Father's Day and Preschool Soccer
Twins Game - May 2010 - date night at the game with Phil and Heather