Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finally into 2014!

I always have in the back of my mind that *someday* I will be caught up on getting our family photos online.  I'm not sure why it matters to me, since I'm the only one who really cares that they're there, captions and all, but it does.  It's the closest thing I have to a photo album these days and I'd like to get it captioned while I still remember what everything is. :)

Anyway, I've managed to get another 3 months done - Dec 2013, Jan and Feb 2014.  Yay!

Our "fierce" wrestlers
In the Nov-Dec 2013 album, the December pics include:
  • The boys' performances at the OLP Parish Christmas Concert and the school's Christmas pageant
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • The Christmas holiday festivities
In the Jan-Feb 2014 album, the pictures include:
  • Cub Scouts: Pinewood Derby and Polar Camp
  • Zach and Alex's first wrestling tournament and their team pictures
  • Celebrating Zach and Alex's birthday - a family celebration (also for Grandma's birthday) and an awesome party at Triple Play Sports
  • Celebrating Cole's birthday
  • Other misc photos - reading time, clearing snow, a talent show at school, etc