Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hey, only a year behind on pictures...

So proud of our college graduate!
So proud of our college graduate!
Well, things got busy again (surprise, surprise), so it took me forever to get another two months' photos uploaded to Flickr but the August and September 2013 photos are finally up.

In the July-Aug 2013 album, the August pictures include:
  • A visit to the Vikings Training Camp in Mankato, MN, where we watched practice and Zach and Alex got to run drills on the field
  • Moving Day for Cole as he moved into his dorm at MN State Mankato to start his freshman year
  • Cub Scout Pack Camp, which was a "stellar" experience
  • Fun at the MN State Fair
In the Sept-Oct 2013 album, the September pictures include:
  • A belated birthday celebration for Papa
  • Zach and Alex's first day of 2nd grade
  • A very special day celebrating a huge achievement for Joe: his college graduation
  • Family fun at the MN Zoo
Here's hoping it doesn't take another 7.5 months to get another couple months of photos done. :)