Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catching up on all the photos posted

OK, so I've admittedly been terrible about blogging about all the events going on in our lives. I spend lots of time editing and posting new pictures, as you can sometimes see in the Recent Photos widget, but I never seem to get around to writing about it. Honestly, I think the photos tell a better story anyway (not to mention I'm already writing when I do the captions...). :-)
The Vandermarks, Sept 2010
The Vandermarks, Sept 2010
I'll try to get better about posting simple updates when a new batch of photos have been loaded (like the remainder of our April trip to AZ that uploaded last night), but in the meantime, here's just a straight list of the albums that have been updated/created since last Sept:

July-Aug 2010 - Teeball, BBQ Days, the zoo, Twins games (Z&A were on TV!)
Sept-Oct 2010 - the Scarecrow Festival, the circus, Halloween
Visit with Auntie Mary Ann - who came to visit us in Sept
Infiniti Crash II: The Deer - the results when a deer runs in front of a car doing 65 mph.
Nov-Dec 2010 - Christmas decorating, Thanksgiving in Chicago, big snow storms
Christmas 2010 - yep, pictures of presents and family at Christmas :)
Jan-Feb 2011 - Cole's 16th birthday, fun birthday parties, making cookies and craft projects
Zach and Alex's 5th birthday - including their 1st "friends" party
Mar-Apr 2011 - Karen's birthday, planting a garden
Spring Break 2011 - a few days of fun in Chicago
Arizona - April 2011 - a family get-together