Monday, July 27, 2009

More summer fun photos added

As with any sports program, the BP Preschool Sports program has individual and team photos taken.  The boys' pictures came out really cute, so I scanned them in to share.  They're on the last page of the May - June 2009 photo album. The expressions on their faces are just too cute. :)

In the new July - Aug 2009 album (seriously, how is it that July is almost over already???), there are some pictures and video clips from the tee-ball part of Preschool Sports.  The videos are pretty funny - it's complete chaos (I think even more than soccer was, if that's possible) and it's obvious we need to teach Zach and Alex about how the bases work in the sport.

Zach, Daddy and Alex
Zach, Daddy and Alex

Also in the album are pictures from shooting "booms" on the 4th with Robert and Kwo Ue, a mini-golf and go-cart outing with Grandma Pat and Papa Bob, and a parade and carnival at BBQ Days, the town festival.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer fun

We've had a lot of fun so far this summer playing outside and enjoying some great weather.  One of our highlights was the night we camped out in our new tent in the backyard.   We had a lot of fun reading stories (all camping or sleeping related :) ), checking out the stars and just hanging out.  We even managed to get some sleep - although I've realized my body just can't handle the hard ground like I did when I was a Girl Scout oh so many years ago!

Zach and Alex were really excited to play sports this summer, joining a Preschool Sports program where they get to play a little bit of soccer and a little bit of tee-ball.  They had soccer the first couple weeks and just loved it.  They both looked really good and had a blast doing it.  They were just non-stop all over the place (not a huge surprise, knowing them).  The tee-ball portion started this week, and again, they had a ton of fun.   I think they're especially proud to be out playing baseball just like their big brother.

Speaking of big brother and baseball, Cole's baseball team had a great regular season, finishing first in their league!  The playoffs are this week, and they won their first playoff game tonight!  Yeah, Cole!

In totally separate news, both Zach and Alex are finally potty trained.  Yeah! No more diapers!!  Zach was finally motivated to do it once he realized that he had to use the potty if he wanted to go to preschool in the fall.  It's funny what motivates kids sometimes, but hey, whatever works! :)

New photos on the site include pictures from our camping trip, all three boys playing their sports, a fun afternoon playing with squirt guns at Grandma Pat and Papa Bob's, and more.  Check them out in the May - June 2009 photo album.