Friday, December 22, 2006

Snap happy

We've all gotten a little snap happy around here, taking even more pictures of our favorite subjects (and an occasional one of the rest of us in the family). New pictures start on page 11 of the Nov-Dec 2006 Family album. And to think we haven't even gotten to Christmas yet. :lol: (The link is correct now, if you tried this before)

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Joe and I just got back from a little weekend get-away to Vegas, and we had a fantastic time. We traveled with Mark Kantor, a poker buddy and former co-worker of Joe's, and his wife, Yvonne, and Rich Kanter (no relation to Mark), a long-time friend of Mark's, and his wife, Yukimi; we stayed at the beautiful Bellagio on the Strip. In addition to the obvious poker and slot machines, we saw the Blue Man Group (very unique show), toured the Strip, checked out the Ansel Adams show at the Bellagio's fine art gallery, and took advantage of the fabulous salon and spa (I had two massages, talk about being spoiled!). We didn't do too well at the casino, but hey, we had a great time!

Check out the pics we took in the Vegas '06 album in the Vacation gallery .

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Joe got into an accident today The car was annihilated on the passenger side. I was driving in the left lane of 169 going north just past of Co Rd 21 in Jordan when a Ford pickup smashes into me. The collision forced me into the median and into oncoming traffic. Fortunately the truck stopped in the median so I was able to swerve back into the median before another car could finish me off. See the pictures here. Joe's feeling ok, just a little sore.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Alex in motion

Well, I can't quite call it "crawling" yet, but Alex has finally figured out how to mobilize.  :cool:  He's been working very hard to stretch and reach at things that he has figured out the Army crawl. He's quite proud of himself for it too, although he is still trying to figure out how to get up and crawl like Zach.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Sick and teething - a bad combination

The poor little guys are dealing with a nasty bug as well as the next round of teeth, so they haven't wanted to eat much and fight going to sleep (although they do sleep good once they finally give in). Mom and Dad are a bit on the frazzled side, but things are getting better. The fevers are gone, they're starting to eat a little better, and the Orajel is helping with the teething. Alex had a new tooth break the surface yesterday, and hopefully Zach will soon follow suit.

Lots of cute new pics have been added to the Nov-Dec 2006 album. We've got the boys' first taste of ham and "real" food (veggie puffs), pics from Thanksgiving and holiday decorating, our family pics for this year's Christmas card, the boys' first visit with Santa during a trip to the mall with Debbie, a father-son trip to the Vikes game, and some just plain cute photos. Enjoy!