Sunday, November 5, 2006

Nine fast months

It's hard to believe, but these boys have been with us for nine amazing months. Both have learned how to sit up really well and are babbling constantly (we think Alex will learn to speak first). Zach is crawling all over the place, and Alex appears to be on the verge of figuring that out. Zach has even figured out how to pull himself to a stand!

Their 9-month checkup went well. Alex is 19 lb 4.8 oz and 28 in long. Zach is 17 lb 14.6 oz and 27.5 in long, although the length measurement isn't real exact.

The boys looked awfully cute in their Halloween costumes, little sweatsuits that Grandma Pat bought for them. Zach was a cow, complete with ears on his hood and a tail on his butt, and Alex was a smiling pumpkin with a stem on his head. Joe, with Debbie's help, brought them to his office and to Karen's office. They, of course, charmed everyone they met.

Lots of new pictures have been added to both the Sept-Oct album and the new Nov-Dec album. Also, Cole's baseball portraits finally got scanned and added to the May-June album (better late then never, right?).