Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Super (Mario) Bros.

A family vacation and the holidays caused me to get behind on the photos, so I'm finally getting around to finishing up October and starting November.

The Scouts at the 1890's school
The Scouts at the 1890's school

Zach, Alex and the rest of their Scout Den had a fun field trip (known as a "Go See It") to a historic place called The Landing (formerly known as Murphy's Landing for those in MN). The park has historic homes and buildings from the 1850's-1890's to show how settlers in the area lived at the time. The Scouts got a taste of what family and school life would have been like for them - no video games or electricity! They all had a lot of fun.

Luigi and Mario
Luigi and Mario

For Halloween, they dressed up as Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. game, an idea they came up with all on their own (so cute!). They were excited to be dressed up for school all day. After school, they went trick-or-treating at the local businesses downtown and scored a huge amount of candy.

In other news, Alex was soooo excited to finally lose his first tooth! It bugged him that Zach lost his much earlier, so we were all happy for him when it was time for the Tooth Fairy to visit. Just like Zach, the Tooth Fairy gave Alex a set of gold coins for his special first tooth.

Check out the Sept-Oct 2012 album and the Nov-Dec 2012 album to see these pics and a few more, as well as some videos of Cole practicing his trombone for us. :)

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