Friday, February 26, 2010

A young adult in our midst

Fifteen candles makes quite a glow
Fifteen candles makes quite a glow

According to Wikipedia, the age of 15 is considered the beginning of adulthood in many cultures, so last week on Feb 17th, Cole officially became a young adult.  Like his little brothers, Cole celebrated his birthday over the course of a whole week  He celebrated with friends with pizza and bowling the weekend before.  Lisa and Gene treated him to a surprise lunch at his favorite restaurant, Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse and a meat lover's paradise; joining them were Joe and me, Grandma Pat and Papa Bob, and Gene's parents.  And we had a little celebration for him at our home that included a meal that was all about bacon and a chocolate birthday cake.  (Hmmm, did you catch the common thread of food in all of this?  Yep, he's a teenager!)  The photo album includes pictures of him trying out his new Xbox 360, getting his proper adulation from his little brothers, and a couple of the treats: a cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped meatloaf (could it get any better??) and of course, his chocolate birthday cake.  A very happy birthday, indeed!

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