Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's time for school!

Zach and Alex really like Teacher Becky
Zach and Alex really like Teacher Becky

It's September, and as in most households, that means it's time for school!  Cole started in 9th grade this year at his junior high (yep, you read that right: he's a freshman already!), while Zach and Alex started preschool.  As you can imagine, Zach and Alex were just a little more excited about going to school than their big brother - but then, they didn't have homework looming over them like Cole did. :)  The little guys really had a great time at school.  They played with cool toys, read a story, sang some songs and even had a popcorn snack (does it get any better?). They had so much fun that they were totally worn out and quiet the whole way home.  We don't have pictures of Cole's first day (for which I'm sure he's grateful), but we do have pics from Z&A's first day in the Sept - Oct 2009 photo album.

Also in that photo album are a couple of pictures we took when my cousins Angie, Josh and Aubrey came up to visit us and go to the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" - the State Fair.  I think Angie and I had both planned on taking more pictures than we did, but somehow we were too busy eating all the yummy foods on a stick.  We don't have many pictures to prove it, but we all had a great time. They hope to come back another year if for no other reason than Josh needs to get his deep-fried pickles again (my faves too)!

The July - Aug 2009 album also has some new photos, including some food fun, a trip to the zoo, a visit to the BP Fire Station for their open house, and the cool Star Wars ships Z&A earned with potty training.

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