Monday, July 27, 2009

More summer fun photos added

As with any sports program, the BP Preschool Sports program has individual and team photos taken.  The boys' pictures came out really cute, so I scanned them in to share.  They're on the last page of the May - June 2009 photo album. The expressions on their faces are just too cute. :)

In the new July - Aug 2009 album (seriously, how is it that July is almost over already???), there are some pictures and video clips from the tee-ball part of Preschool Sports.  The videos are pretty funny - it's complete chaos (I think even more than soccer was, if that's possible) and it's obvious we need to teach Zach and Alex about how the bases work in the sport.

Zach, Daddy and Alex
Zach, Daddy and Alex

Also in the album are pictures from shooting "booms" on the 4th with Robert and Kwo Ue, a mini-golf and go-cart outing with Grandma Pat and Papa Bob, and a parade and carnival at BBQ Days, the town festival.

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