Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally catching up on posting photos

Wow, it's crazy how fast a couple months can fly by!  I've finally gotten around to posting all the photos from the past couple months.  Some have been up on the site for a while, as you may have seen from the changes in Recent Photos, but I never got around to publishing the links to them.  The highlights:

Cole's 14th Birthday: Grandma Pat and Papa Bob came by to celebrate with us, and after having cake and opening presents, we all went bowling, a fun birthday present courtesy of Grandpa Dan and Grandma Marilyn. Even Debbie and Ben joined in the fun.
Mar - Apr 2009:
- My birthday, which I celebrated by making a donation to Locks of Love with 11 inches of my hair.  We also spent a day at Mom and Dad's house.
- Trip to the Children's Museum to see the Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit along with the usual fun stuff. It was Cole's spring break, so he joined us, as did Grandma Pat.
- Easter: the egg hunt in town, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and special Easter baskets from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Marilyn
- Baseball: Zach & Alex get their first gloves, and Cole's first game of the season
- Alex wears big boy underwear for the first time after staying dry for 2 days!  He was really excited to wear his new Star Wars underwear.

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