Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh my, they're getting so big!

Zach and Alex crossed another milestone today, when we took the crib tents out and changed the cribs over to "big boy" beds this morning.  They were SO excited - they even helped Daddy by using their own tools on the bed and hanging on to the screws.  The last time we tried this at 18 months old when they started climbing out of the cribs, it did not go well - hence the crib tents that, to me, are easily one of the all-time greatest inventions.  Now, 18 months later, the tents are falling apart and the boys seemed ready for the transition now that they are almost 3.

Right now, at nearly 10:30 PM, I'd say it's going fairly well even though we went in to shush them about 15 minutes ago. I think that had more to do with the excitement of birthday presents and cake from their party today than it did the bed.  Besides, they've stayed in their beds the whole time even though they were still talking. That's a huge win in my book, esp compared to last time!

The other big recent milestones? We now have them in booster seats instead of high chairs at their meals.  They've done so well that we've cleaned up the high chairs in preparation to give them to someone else.  They're also wearing Pull-ups a lot now, which they are quite proud of, although they still don't use the potty real consistently.

All this and they turn 3 in a couple days - my little babies are turning into big boys so quickly!

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