Monday, October 6, 2008

"Mommy, I'm a big boy!!"

Our little strong-willed Zach has had no interest in using the potty.  We'd occasionally get him to sit on it, but he usually finds bathtime much more interesting and wants to go straight in.  Alex uses it every night before or after the bath and occasionally makes attempts during the day, but if you ask Zach if he wants to go, he replies with a resounding "No!"

Well, today he decided he needed to go #2, so I got him on the potty - and he actually went both #1 and #2!  We made such a big deal about it that I think Zach might actually be motivated to try that again. Here's hoping! :)

Yep, it's official - I'm a sappy mom who gets excited about poop - and the idea of not needing to buy diapers in bulk at Costco.

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