Saturday, August 25, 2007

A family vacation to the Dells

We spent a week at the Wisconsin Dells at the end of July with Karen's parents at the end of July. Sadly, Cole couldn't join us for this trip, but we had a great time.

We spent a lot of time relaxing in the condo at the resort, which was something all the grownups needed. The resort, Wilderness on the Lake, was really nice. They had some nice water play areas there, although the boys - particularly Zach - weren't too sure about it because they didn't like the spraying water. Alex warmed up to it after a while and really had a good time.

While they weren't too excited about the water, the boys loved the trains at the Riverside and Great Northern Railway, a organization that both Joe and Dad B belong to, and the deer park, a Dells institution where you can walk among and feed deer. They also had a blast at Paul Bunyan's, a family-style restaurant where we celebrated Dad B's birthday. Here Zach and Alex had corn on the cob and fried chicken on the bone for the first time - they really liked that and did really well. Zach finished one cob of corn and made a good dent on another!

Joe and I also got a little time alone and played a couple of fun rounds of mini golf.

Check out the Dells 2007 album in the Vacation album for all the great pics.

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