Monday, February 5, 2007

Zach's first steps!

Quite a few guests got to witness some of Zach's first steps at the boys' first birthday party last weekend.  Sadly, Mama and Daddy didn't get to see it.  (Figures...).  However, he did take a couple steps towards me yesterday when checking out the master bathroom (ah, the joys of exploration), and both of us watched him take a couple steps to Daddy when getting ready for bed this evening.

While Alex learned to crawl much later than Zach did, he's made huge gains to catch up to his "older" brother at a faster rate.  He can pull himself to a stand, cruise along the couch, and crawl right up the stairs.  Z & A just love to chase each other around the house, so I would imagine that as Zach toddles around more, Alex will be close behind him.

Wow, they grow up fast.  Pics from the party will be posted soon.

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