Monday, December 4, 2006

Sick and teething - a bad combination

The poor little guys are dealing with a nasty bug as well as the next round of teeth, so they haven't wanted to eat much and fight going to sleep (although they do sleep good once they finally give in). Mom and Dad are a bit on the frazzled side, but things are getting better. The fevers are gone, they're starting to eat a little better, and the Orajel is helping with the teething. Alex had a new tooth break the surface yesterday, and hopefully Zach will soon follow suit.

Lots of cute new pics have been added to the Nov-Dec 2006 album. We've got the boys' first taste of ham and "real" food (veggie puffs), pics from Thanksgiving and holiday decorating, our family pics for this year's Christmas card, the boys' first visit with Santa during a trip to the mall with Debbie, a father-son trip to the Vikes game, and some just plain cute photos. Enjoy!

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